IGMP is taking various activities in different fields of Health Care Domain inspiring and motivating changes, popularizing good health care standards plus bringing the top issues of medical world to medical professionals and managers.

To perform all of that, IGMP has called up Problem Panels (Sections)  and made them responsible for bringing up hot issues, newest information and rise tough questions.

The Section moderators are all top professionals and doctors with extensive knowledge and competences charged with touching delicate and tangible cases and confronting them with nowadays reality of Health Care business plus elaborating on merit and organizational side solutions referring to that.
All moderators work closely with MZ officers and Minister himself on daily basis sharing the concepts and perspectives.

Izba Gospodarcza Medycyna Polska supports actively all efforts and performs all activities that could improve and rise standards in Health Care Industry in Poland.

To the date there have been called two Problem Panels (Sections) in Nephrology and Informatics. The Diagnostics Panel comes up in no time too.
Above panels have been called up in a first place due to the fact that these domains are the hot topics requiring immediate attention and activity.

We strongly recommend joining us in our workshops and all activities in those domains dealing with the problems, contributing as much of Your experience as possible and sharing points of views plus objections that we count on them the most.

We will do our best to utilize all of Your suggestions and critics plus great ideas in all of our elaborates, documents and publications. 

Here we are available all the time under the e-mail and phone coordinates at any time at Your discretion

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