Taking into consideration the vast range of areas that the modernization is dealing with and the types of needs to satisfy plus menace that could cause the failure to Health Care facilities, IGMP stands on the ground that She should provide all of her Members with safe tools and merit support using outsource companies and experts for effectiveness and security reasons.

To do that IGMP elaborated the process of authorizing and certifying her Partners what should allow the  Members invest their trust in those Partners with no fear nor objections.

IGMP takes responsibility for each of the Partners’ performance against any Member placing access for help and support in the process of reengineering.

To satisfy all the needs of the ZOZ market IGMP warmly invites any reliable Company and all experienced professionals with extensive knowledge to cooperate in domain of Health Care Facility modernization.

It is to be said that only authorized Partners can count on IGMP recommendations when applying in bidding procedures and contract entering of any kind.

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