IGMP strongly stands on ground that public activity, business and politics should be governed by the principle of respecting the Law, Common Sense and the Golden Rule principle.

But this is clear that no one can abide by the Law principles, unless the code is presented to Him.
And this is why Izby Gospodarczej Medycyna Polska decided to make available to all of Her Members and Sympathizers some important Law Codes and Normatives to get aquainted with binding letter of Law.

The above notion is especially actual when talking of Health Care Facilities Reengineering and Modernization of processes.

Successful performing the activities and duties in those specialties is legal sensitive. To care for formal and legislative correctness it is always needed to be up to date.

The main purpose for this Portal is to make it useful and handy tool as the source of Law codes so when anyone is in need it is the right and most effective place where he could find the firm and just information.

 We encourage You to visit Law Code app and use it as much as You can

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