Properly handled reengineering deals with all of the key issues in all vital areas responsible for data and information processing and exchange. Its main purpose is to bring all of the systems to the proper technological functionality level making available well trained personnel and management using it with benefit.

Reengineering is mainly responsible for dedicated elements to communicate with external systems through the technology which process is crucial for cash flow of any Health Care Facility.

One must bear in mind that the reengineering must aim the long term technological compatibility. The best measurement of the effectiveness of the application of the modernized systems is satisfaction of the personnel and management staff.

The best system technology advancement is the one capable of employing monitoring, consultancy and patient treatment on remote basis.

Talking about reengineering we need to underline the following phases:

Phase I - Valuating
Phase II - Initiating
Phase III - Applying
Phase IV - Customizing
Phase V - Running

To hit the jackpot all the activity in each and every phase should be taken and performed only by competent professionals with extensive knowledge in their domain.

Reengineering is a very complicated process consisted of nuances and important details to play the key role in the process as a whole.
Skipping that and using so called "sly" guys can cause serious financial and logistic dammages.