Izba Gospodarcza Medycyna Polska (IGMP) has been called up in 1995 year as the result of an inspiration made by private sector medical services participants. IGMP is active Member of Krajowa Izba Gospodarcza and remains in good and close relationship with that organization.

In conformity to the act from April 30th, 1984y IGMP is legitimized to proclaim notions, standpoints and to comment on projects and solutions regarding free market and economy as well as legal acts to call.

IGMP is housing firms, companies, and private freelancers tied up with health care domain of the market.

Here are the activities of IGMP as follow:
- in Privatization Sector Committee  at KIG and Committee of Economic Politics,
- authorizing and opinion making on system changes in Health Care Domain,
- brain storms and discussion paneling for costs and solutions effectiveness,
- evaluating the legalization referring to taxation and legal fees politics,
- opinions on PHARE programs supporting small and medium businesses,
- participation in workshops on health care service standards creations,
- cooperation with Fundacja Polskiego Godła Promocyjnego “TERAZ POLSKA”.

Workshops, training session, educational programs and discussion panels:
- along with Polish-American Center for Troubleshooting and Szkoła Główna Handlowa there have been
   organized the workshops for managers certified with the SGH & University of Minnesota Certificate,
- we were co-organizing discussion panel on “Health Care System Solutions and modifications”,
- we participated in Forum for “Health Care Reforms” organized by Instytut Spraw Publicznych,
- we were co-organizing the “II Forum of Private Doctors” meeting along with “Gabinet Prywatny” magazine,
- we organized set of seminaries on “Patient-Service Providers-Law-Insurance-Finance”,
- we took active participation in the conference “Polskie Zdrowie’99” the New reality – Start up summary”

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We WARMLY encourage You to join us in all of our activities

Ryszard Olszanowski

President of the Board

*   *   *