To perform its duties on day-to-day operations in Health Care business every Health Care Facility needs to comply with the technology and functionality new era standards to come, especially taking into account vital and strategic Systems like Informatics, Telecommunications, Safe Data Processing and Management.
Efficiency of each and every one of them depends on technological advancement and mental adjustment of people meant to utilize them.

Reengineering particular systems means not only installing new technology, but making the decisions  on directional pace and attitude focused on easy accessing for patients, efficiency in managing the facility plus decreasing expenses and costs.
Reengineering Your Health Care Facility in a serious way calls for top professionals to take care for it for You.

Here are the key elements that the reengineering stands for:
- high level of managing board consciousness,
- true and real review of the systems condition,
- careful planning,
- professional implementation and appliance of the technology and software,
- procedures creating,
- setting the quality sensors,
- quality of the legal work (agreements and commitments)

Of course any activity in this domain requires proper financial back up but there are many programs available locally and those utilizing European Union Funds as well. All you need is to reach out for them on basis of firm and real audits and projects.
However, one must admit that without professional experience supported strongly by knowledge and competences any reengineering is doomed for malfunction and catastrophe.

The most important factor is the legal side of all actions taken in activities related to cooperation, installations, hardware and software deliveries, appliances and implementations, services and others when we consider reengineering.

Because the process is so complex the body of Izba Gospodarcza Medycyna Polska (IGMP) has been called up.
In any case You can always turn to us for help, counseling and support.

IGMP actively supports all her Members in any activities tied up with reengineering and modernization as well on technology as on planning and implementation processes.

We provide number of experts and specialists in their domains who would, at any time, be of help and support in cases referred to the processes as above.

IGMP is meant to be the guardian and guide of secure stepping ahead when there are many obstacles and burdens all around dangerous to those with no experience.

We dispose the tools that would make the processes easier and care for Your businesses on everyday basis.
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